Short Gateways From Pune


Short Gateways From Pune :- We have specially developed this segment for the peoples, who has 1-2 days in spare and wants to spend that in some good location in the midst of the nature, where they can relax and rewind themselves to get freshen up, and get energetic for days to come.

We have multiple locations to choose from, the destinations are from 30-125 Km drive from pune. The properties are very good resorts/ Bungalows / Private properties.

The locations are:-

Malshej Ghat
Near Bhatghar Dam
Near Pavana Dam


The rates for weekdays and for weekends are different.
So kindly contact with your dates and we will suggest you the best that you can remember for many many days.

Following are some photographs from various locations.


Malshej Resorts






Mulashi Resort: –










Near Bhor:- Luxury Water park resorts in the midst of nature.